Our Company Philosophies on Why We Do What We Do and How We Will Conduct Our Business


Club Red's Vision

OUR PURPOSE – Club Red Inspiration and in fact the whole of the Club Red Group, have been created because we are passionate about helping people. This business exists to help people like you to become the best version of yourself that you can. We succeed by helping YOU to succeed.


OUR VISION – We see the Club Red brand developing ‘Win-WIN solutions’ with value for money, quality service and professional standards, no matter which industry we enter, i.e. to make all of our customers say ‘Wow!’ (I’m delighted). We also want to create a work environment for our people, where we can all grow as individuals and as a team, and ultimately all be successful.



OUR MISSION – To inspire, influence and help people to achieve success, fulfil their potential, live their dream and be happy, and thus to make the world a better place.


Club Red Inspiration has a mission to help people be successfulOUR BELIEFS

  • Reward for Effort – “Be successful first and money will follow” – The ultimate result must be satisfying work and an improved lifestyle for all of us. If we achieve excellence in looking after our customers, work hard and smart, and manage our business professionally, then money will surely follow and we will all enjoy financial security.
  • Consistent Application – “Commit to success”  – We must all be dedicated to seeking new ideas, better ways of doing things and improving ourselves as individuals and as a team. We must be willing to make mistakes in order to learn and to grow. We must know how our customers think and remain flexible in satisfying their needs. We must be willing to re-invent ourselves as a business if the situation dictates it. We will not ‘rest on our laurels’ – we will ‘make good things happen!’.
  • Goal-Oriented – “Goals are dreams with a date” – We will set and re-set our objectives and our goals, business and personal, until we accomplish our mission.
  • Self-Belief“You can if you think you can!” – With purpose and knowledge comes confidence and efficiency
  • Fun“Here for a good time and a long time!” – We only get one life. Let’s have fun while we’re busy succeeding!


Club Red Inspiration aims for excellenceOUR VALUES

  1. Customer Satisfaction – We will do our best to make our customers feel welcome and that they have gained something by choosing us over our competitors. Our “5 star experience” environment will allow them to be at ease and to make friends for life. We will provide value for money.
  2. Service – We will be friendly, sociable, polite, professional and efficient. We will deliver what we promise and we will strive to deliver “that little bit extra”, so that we turn ordinary into extra-ordinary.
  3. Consistency – Being the best we can be will immediately make us better than our competitors at looking after our customers.
  4. Honesty and Integrity – We will consider what the customer wants and needs rather than just our reward. When we make mistakes, we will try to fix the problem and learn from it.
  5. Hygiene – We will maintain clean and tidy facilities.
  6. Controls – We will establish controls to ensure that we stay on the path to success.
  7. Great Communication – We will communicate regularly and honestly with each other and seek to be mutually supportive.


Great people make a company greatOUR PEOPLE

  • A Reliable Team–We will hire for enthusiasm and train for skills. Our people are the foundation of our business
  • Exceptional Leadership – We will strive to lead, guide and support our people to be the best they can be.


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