Street Smarts Self Defence Tactics

self-defence Street Smarts Self DefenceTactics run self-defence classes out of the Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Malaga.

Director and Chief Combat Instructor Stan Nelson has over 18 years of martial arts experience, training and teaching. He has studied karate, kempo, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , mixed martial arts, close quarter combat / self defence, krav maga and weapons training.

If you know nothing about these combat styles however, don’t be overawed by this impressive list.

Stan has a “No bullshit” commonsense approach to teaching everyday people quite simply ‘how to defend yourself’  against a typical unprovoked attack.


Stan the self-defence man

Stan The Self-Defence Man


In today’s unpredictable world you can gain some helpful inner confidence knowing that should you ever find yourself in one of these stressful situations, by the time you have completed around ten to twelve lessons, Stan and his team will have taught you the twelve basic moves that you can apply in almost every scenario to allow you to make a safe escape from an assailant.

Stan says that in most cases you would probably know the attacker. Quite often it might be someone who has simply had too much to drink at a party or an acquaintance that loses their temper and becomes unruly.

self-defence classesOf course, there are also the more sinister scenarios where you may be approached by an unknown assailant, often in a public place.

Stan will at least ensure that you have enough self defence skills to get away, techniques that work on the street -nothing flashy or fancy, just real world cutting edge defensive tactics.

Learn to protect yourself in real world confrontations and attacks using reality based training and close quarters combat tactics. This is simple,easy to learn and highly effective self-defence.

Stan offers a Beginners’ Course for up to 12 lessons where you can learn the 12 Key Techniques and gain a ‘Self-Defence Certificate’ – an interesting addition to your CV.

For Stan’s Special Offer for Club Red Coaching students, simply ask when enrolling and you will receive the current member’s deal. This price will also include membership of Street Smartz Survival Tactics, should you wish to continue studying further skills.

You don’t need any previous training and as Stan puts it, “You can be as fit as you are now because we’re teaching you how to defend yourself as you are now!” (within reason obviously!)

streetsmartz-logoContact Stan The Self Defence Man on

0423 779 856 or go to:

or come on down to:
Herb Graham Recreation Centre
Chesterfield rd

on Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm for a free no obligation lesson

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