A Great Guy with a Genuine Love of Life and Humanity

Bernie Kroczek endorses coach Tony Inman
Bernie Kroczek

Bernie Kroczek - Owner Bernie Kroczek Real Estate

Tony Inman is a guy who has no limits.

I’m amazed at some of the things he does, like running in the City to Surf, still playing soccer at 50+, diving, travelling to exotic places and now business and personal coaching.

He is prepared to travel all over the country for training and to improve his knowledge and, most importantly his willingness to share is quite rare in the modern world.

Above all else Tony is a great guy with a genuine love of life and humanity.

Having initially met in a business relationship, I now count him as a genuine friend.

He is also a Man U supporter so that says something about his impeccable taste for fine things.

Bernie Kroczek – Proprietor of Bernie Kroczek Real Estate

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