How To Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life – Special Edition

How To Get a Bigger Bite Out of Life

How To Get a Bigger Bite Out of Life by George Faddoul and Tony Inman

I’m pleased and honoured to announce the release of a special edition book in conjunction with my friend and NLP mentor, the legendary George Faddoul.

It’s a thought provoking, light and easy read that has already changed many peoples’ lives.

George Faddoul is a successful entrepreneur and author of several books including ‘The Evolution of i-NLP’ and ‘The Modern Day Alchemist From the Land of the Pharoahs’.

George is also a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I’m Tony Inman, the co-author and you can read about me here.


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This book also makes a perfect gift idea for special occasions, such as :

  • birthdays
  • Mother’s and Father’s Days
  • helping cheer someone up
  • helping a friend to get moving!

The recommended retail prices is $20 (Australian).  Click here to order today!

The book is a power-packed reference manual for personal growth and prosperity. It’s potential value to you is unlimited!

Topics include:

  • Learn to unleash your full potential
  • Learn some major fallacies regarding time and money
  • Learn to increase your individual capacity
  • Learn the secret of savings and wealth creation
  • Learn Pareto’s Principle – what to focus on
  • Learn basic Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Discover how to have mature judgement through NLP
  • Learn the 6 major NLP presuppositions & resourcefulness
  • Learn the secret to total and complete personal empowerment
  • Learn the secrets of mind power and controlling your attitude
  • Learn the 7 major laws of the mind
  • Learn to put purpose into your life
  • Learn to balance the 6 major ares of your life
  • Learn how to build courage the easy way

‘After reading this book, the individual who walks out into the world will be a different person than the one who started reading it in the first place’.

Darren Stephens, Chairman, Mars Venus & author of ‘Success Principles’

by Tony Inman

TONY INMAN is the CEO of Club Red Inspiration. An entrepreneur who has set up over 20 businesses, Tony is a business, life and mindset coach, consultant, mentor, presenter and trainer. A former mentor at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneur-ship, he has coached hundreds of business owners and executives across the globe. Tony is the author of several books including ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well.’ He is passionate about helping people to fulfil their potential and follow their dreams.