Hot off the press… Tony Inman’s new book is now available to order!

If Life's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well

Now available to order

Just back from his whirlwind adventure across South and Central America, Perth-based author, Tony Inman is happy to announce that his new book is now in stock and is available to order.

Why would you want to buy it?

This book may just help you to:

– Define or redefine your life’s purpose and mission
– Set and achieve meaningful goals
– Be inspired by stories and quotes from many of the world’s iconic leaders
– Harness the wisdom of the Ancients to gain leverage
– Conquer setbacks and limiting beliefs
– Propel you to fulfill your definition of success!

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Early reactions from quick decision-makers have been those of excitement and approval.

Here are a few of the comments from those who have quickly grabbed a copy:

“I grabbed it off Paul and because I don’t have a lot of time, I’ve been reading it on the train on my work to work. I nearly missed my stop the other day – it’s really got me thinking!” – Angela Brinsley

“I started reading it and it made me cry already – in a good way!” – Joanne Small

“I’ve just got your book Tony. It looks great and I can’t wait to read it!” – Bernie Krokzec

“Wow! I like the cover – it looks like a real book, I mean like the sort you’d see in a book shop!” – Gary Hanley

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And here’s what the Australian publisher had to say:

Gowor International PublishingTo the reader,
As the Founder of Gowor International Publishing, my publishing company, I make it part of my practice to offer a personal review for all authors about their book – which they can either use in promotion or in the book itself. The reason why I do this is so that YOU, the reader, can glean a further understanding into why this book is so valuable to you in your life.
Let me tell you about Tony…
Tony is one of those authors who has no fear about bearing himself on page. In fact, this book is very much like a journey inside Tony’s mind. At first, Tony comes across as a professional (despite the collage of photos on the front cover), and it was only in working with him more closely that I realized just how rich the life and heart of this man is. Tony has an incredible gift for building relationships, nurturing connections and doing business – which I believe stems from his deep care for people. His crazy, dreamer streak is uplifting, and despite my being several years younger than him, he inspires ME to get out there and live even more fully.
For Tony, this is not just another self-help book or a simple motivational piece. It is an opportunity to go after what is most important to you: your goals, aspirations, dreams and ambitions. I know that Tony’s dream has been to travel – it has been with him ever since he was a child – and that, in his adult life, he has been living it… something that many of us aspire to do.
This book is a powerful concoction of his life stories, wisdom and experience – both personal and professional. Read it, and it will move you. It has been written with intelligence and purpose. Every piece of this book fits together with every other piece, and reading it will be quite the adventure.
It has been an honour to welcome Tony as one of the Founding Authors of GIP. May you feel as blessed by his book and who he is, as I have.
With inspiration,
Emily Gowor
Founder of Gowor International Publishing

Order Tony Inman's book today

About the Author

Just back from a whirlwind expedition in South and Central America, Perth-based author Tony Inman is on a mission to inspire people to achieve personal and business development so they can lead happier and more fulfilling lives. The ripple effect might just change the planet!

Author, Tony Inman has just published his book, 'If Life's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well'

Author, Tony Inman

In a management career spanning over 34 years in both Jersey, Channel Islands and Australia, Tony has set up and run many small businesses in a variety of industries. Thus he has experienced the highs of triumph and the disappointments of setbacks. He has coached and mentored hundreds of business owners and executives and many more staff.

Today, Tony and his partner, Joanne combine living the dream in Perth, Western Australia with overseas adventures, working their way through massive ‘bucket lists’ of amazing places to see and wonderful people to meet.

Their wonderful family includes son, Craig and daughter Kim, along with partner, Marty and grandson, Hayden as well as step-son, Troy.

Tony Inman has also published a satirical novel in 2011, entitled ‘The Parrot and the Lady – Introducing Randy Short 008’. A prequel is in the pipeline along with several other business-related book projects. He is also a contributor in the soon-to-be-released book, ‘The Inspiration Bible’.

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