Tony Helped Me Find Clarity and Steps Forward to What I Truly Want

Sabrina Remedios is happy to recommend coach Tony Inman

Sabrina Remedios

“I met Tony when I travelled solo for a few days in Mexico to discover Chichen Itza. He was with his lovely partner Jo and the three of us got along famously! Over those few days together we swapped life stories and I found out about how Tony’s vision was to see people live to their full potential. This was something that really resonated with me – I’d heard my bosses at work echoing the words of teachers long past, all saying “Sabrina has great potential”. But they always said it like I wasn’t there yet and that frustrated me – who else did I need to be, and what more did I need to achieve, to be that potential they saw in me right now?! It was such a big thing for me, that when I came back to the ‘sunny’ climes of England, (after what could only be described as a ‘living my dream’ vacation), I reached out to Tony and asked if he’d be happy to do some long distance coaching. I had no idea what to expect from the sessions with him, but every ‘chat’ we’ve had since has turned up countless ideas, some big whopper insights and given me more focus about the direction I am going in.

Through listening to me, Tony has helped to bring awareness to the things I say, do, or experience that create a pattern that doesn’t serve me. He has then helped me find my own paths to changing them. Whether it is to do with my personal or professional life and ambitions, he has been able to bring clarity through his questions and help me to take steps forward to achieving what it is I truly want. I had a coaching session today where we talked about writing down what we are grateful for – well this is mine:  I am enormously grateful for having met Tony and Jo and for now having the opportunity to work with a coach that really cares about my personal success.

If you aren’t sure what Tony’s coaching can do for you, I’d recommend just having a first chat to find out – at the very worst you’ll have spoken to someone with a great sense of humour who can give you an honest perspective – at best, you’ll be starting a partnership that will transform your potential into a roadmap that takes you to exactly where you always knew you could be! ”

Sabrina Remedios

Communications Consultant

London, England

by bfadmin