Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ABOUT HIRING A COACH

If you’ve got questions about whether it’s the right time for you to engage a coach, then don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal. I understand how you feel. Whenever you invest money in your business and in your development as a business owner and leader, you want to feel sure that you’re investing in the right thing for you – in something or someone that’s going to improve your situation.

Let’s face it – you want to feel confident that by investing your hard-earned dollars,you will solve some problems or overcome some obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Many of my clients felt exactly the same way, when they first considered whether or not to hire a business coach or a life coach. They found, however, that once they had the chance to ask me all the questions they wanted answering, and as they began to answer the questions I asked them, they quickly realised that there was also another cost to consider.

Sometimes, the cost of not taking action to address those concerns can be far greater than the money you invest in fixing them. My clients soon realise that the results I help them achieve, usually far outweigh the money they invest in my strategic advice. I’ve had clients say things like, “You’ve probably saved my marriage!”, “You’ve given me the confidence to take my business to the next level!” or “I wouldn’t even be in business, if it wasn’t for you!”

How do you put a value on those things? You see, it’s not always just about improving your bottom line. If you have time, feel free to check our page on ‘Who We Do It For’ and you may identify with some of those motivating reasons that have caused other clients to see my help. The best way to get the answers to your specific situation though, is to arrange a ‘no-obligation’, free chat over a coffee (or a green smoothie if you prefer!). So, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

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How Can I Be Sure That Club Red Inspiration and Tony Inman Can Help Me?

The truth is that until we meet and talk further, we don’t know for certain yet that we can work together. That’s why this is a commonly asked FAQ. You have to be able to trust in me that I know what I’m doing and I need to be able to trust in you that you are ready, willing and able to take action. What may help you alleviate any concerns however, is to check the testimonials and the case studies on this website. Also, here is a list of previous and/or current clients whom we have been delighted to help.

Coaching from Tony Inman can dramatically improve your situation - it starts with your questions (FAQ)

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Coaching from Tony Inman of Club Red Inspiration comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (see FAQ)

How Much Will the Coaching/Mentoring Cost Me and How Long Will It Take?

This is not a straightforward FAQ, because every business is unique, as is every business owner. With some of our clients, we have been able to resolve certain issues within a few sessions and this may be sufficient to enable the business, or it’s owner, to move forwards. We always aim to be flexible and fair, with the goal of achieving ‘win-win’ outcomes. (See our tailored business solutions).

In most cases, however, our small business clients agree on a coaching or mentoring package, ranging from an economy package of $440 per month, (incl. GST) for start-ups, a budget package of $660 per month (incl. GST) to our standard package of $1,100 per month (incl. GST) for established businesses going to the next level. Premium clients may opt for a $1,650 per month package (incl. GST). These packages usually involve us meeting between two and four times a month, with contact support available in between sessions, typically spread over six to twelve months to give us time to implement and integrate the changes you seek.

Once we agree on a package for you, and we agree on our specific objectives, my guarantee is that if you don’t feel completely satisfied that I have done my best to help you achieve those goals, then I will refund the money. The only stipulation I make is that you must also be able to honestly say that you have done your part and taken the action we agree upon for you to achieve those same objectives.

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Do You Just Work With The Business Owner or Can You Run Sessions with Our Team?

Yes, if that’s what you and your team needs, we can certainly do this. Some examples have included working with divisional managers, teaching sales techniques or how to improve customer service and we often involve staff in a brainstorming session on developing your values and mission statement.

You might even want some tips on how to improve your sales presentation techniques.

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Do You Offer Consulting on Specific Problems and What Does That Cost?

Yes, many of our clients have requested consulting proposals on specific projects, such as for example, ‘Designing a Sales & Marketing System’; ‘Developing and Coaching Our Divisional Management Team’ or ‘Designing and Implementing a Change Management Strategy’.

These are negotiable depending on the scale and scope, so we would meet for a ‘Discovery Session’, then we would come back to you with a proposal about how best to achieve the results you seek.

There may even be some Government Grant funding available, depending on your circumstances.

The interesting thing about this FAQ is that the ‘problem’ is often merely a symptom of a different problem.

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Leverage experience with Tony Inman’s mentoring

What Kinds of Issues Have You Helped Previous Clients With?

Clients often (but not exclusively) tend to need help with the following issues:

  • Starting your business – developing your new concept or fledgling business in every aspect, but with a sound business plan and creative marketing ideas . – including social media, online & offline strategies.
  • Growing your business – strategically improving and developing all areas of your enterprise, but especially your marketing and sales systemsand systemisation in general, so that it survives and prospers to become a success story.
  • Mentoring a business owner or executive – being a sounding board and offering experienced guidance and support.
  • Solving business problems – identifying and working on specific skills and knowledge gaps.
  • Re-branding or refreshing your business – giving your enterprise a makeover to fine-tune or develop new markets.
  • Personal branding – developing your own recognisable brand to develop your individual reputation for the long term.
  • Rescuing your business – before it’s too late.
  • Confidence and Mindset adjustment – identifying and working on limiting beliefs and sharpening mindset with behavioural science and NLP techniques (personal & professional development)
  • Leadership development – professional and personal mentoring and coaching to become the leader whom others will follow.
  • Crisis and/or Change management – Dealing with difficult situations (e.g. partner leaving, mid-life crisisredundancy, reaching a turning point etc.)
  • Work/life balance improvement
  • Team Training & Development – mentoring or coaching your people to get the best out of them on a win-win basis, plus succession planning.
  • Exit planning – preparing your business for sale or succession
  • Joint ventures &/or marketing partnerships

See if you match what we’re looking for in a client by clicking here.

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What Happens When We Finish – Can We Still Get Ongoing Support?

Absolutely, yes – many of our clients also subsequently opt for a ‘coaching retainer’ agreement, where they retain us beyond the original term, for a negotiated, discounted fee to guide them through the evolving challenges that they encounter as their business continues to flourish.

You are in safe hands with Club Red Inspiration’ Business and Lifestyle Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring.

What Do You Mean By ‘For a Lasting Business and a Memorable Life’?’

Here is a video introduction about the kind of lifestyle Club Red can help you create:

(In case you’re wondering, it features the biggest waterfalls in the world – the Iguazu Falls, on the border between Argentina and Brazil)

For you though, it might not be your wish to go travelling; you might just want more time and money to be able to have more choices. The point is that we’re all different, so it’s about helping you get the results that matter to you.

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What Do We Do Next?

Everything you know has got you to where you are today. If you want to overcome your obstacles and move forwards, it starts with a decision to take action and do something different. That’s why I like this FAQ, because if you’re asking it, that means you’re ready to make some changes.

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