Media Releases

A Sample Selection of Tony Inman’s Media Releases for Publication

Coach Tony Inman gives tips on how to network effectively and why

Article: Real lessons on real business networking from real life – Published in Australian Anthill Magazine and Australian Anthill Online

Tony gives tips on networking effectively and how to build business by building relationships.

Coach Tony Inman was published in Business News Western Australia

Article: Simple Ideas Can Bring Positive Results – Published in Business News, Western Australia

Tony talked about the irony of how many people go into business because they’re sick of working long hours for a boss, but end up working even longer hours in their own enterprise.


Article: Experience Vital in Search for Right Fit – Published in Business News, Western Australia

Has it ever occurred to you that you can learn just as much from so-called bad experiences as you can from your successes?

promote your business

Article: I Want to Promote My Business but I’m Too Busy Working In It!
Have you ever found yourself just chasing your tail in business?  Tony talks about why blocking out time to promote your business is critical to success.

Tags:Business coaches, Growing your business, Increasing profits, Work smarter, not harder


Great people make a company great

Article: Reasons Why Businesses Often Fail (No.2) – Wrong People

The people in your organisation can make or break your business. Tony gives some useful tips on successfully recruiting and managing the right people for the job.

Tags: business coaching, enthusiasm, finding good staff, people in business

Coach Tony Inman talks about funding from investment partners

Article: How to Gain an Investment Partner

Tony talks about one of the critical problems of raising capital to help your business move forwards and reveals some of the lessons he learned from watching the TV programme, ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Tags: Business advisors, Business consultants, Return on investment

As a management consultant or business consultant, Tony Inman can help your business grow to the next level

Article: Reasons Why Small Businesses Often Fail (No. 1) – Lack of Planning

While you see a lot of articles about how to succeed, you can also learn much from people and businesses who got it wrong.

Tags: planning, strategic planning, target marketing

The Qantas dispute taught us a lot about how to handle customer and staff relations

Article:  Qantas Dispute Shows the Importance of Win-Win Strategies
The recent shutdown of Australia’s iconic airline, where passengers were left stranded without warning, caused astonished reactions around the world at how industrial relations negotiations could go so wrong so quickly.

Tags: communication, industrial relations, managing change

Tony Inman talks about how Apple showed us the importance of succession planning

Article:  Perth Businesses can Learn from Apple’s Example

While business leaders around the world were shocked at the news that IT giant, Apple’s CEO and acknowledged ‘ideas man’, Steve Jobs had stepped down from his role recently, the situation provided a valuable lesson.

Tags: succession planning, strategic planning, exit strategy

Tony Inman talks about work life balance






Article:  Did You Find Yourself at Work again this Father’s Day?

If you are one of those workaholic businessmen who always seems to be working when the rest of the family are celebrating a public holiday or family occasion, then you might want to consider the potential toll on your loved ones.

Tags: business coaching, life coaching, work/life balance

Tony Inman talks about using events to tie in with your other goals





Article: How You can use an Event like the City to Surf as a Catalyst for Change

People who sustain the motivation to complete the City to Surf, often find they can use this new strength of mind to accomplish other goals.

Tags: change for the better, life coaching, work/life balance


Radio Interviews

Perth Business coach and author Tony Inman

Tony Inman

Here are some recordings of some of Club Red CEO, coach and author, Tony Inman’s radio interviews.


Change – 101 Business Radio – Tony interviewed by Michael Worthington

In this fascinating chat, Tony outlines the importance of seeing the concept of change, not as something to fear, but as something to embrace. We live in a world of rapid change, so you either embrace it or fall behind.

Creative Visualisation– 101 Business Radio – Tony interviewed by Michael Worthington

In this radio interview, Tony explains how you can truly harness the Law of Attraction to create the business you want, so that you can ultimately create the lifestyle you want.

Creating Your Client’s Experience -101 Business Radio – Tony interviewed by Michael Worthington

In this conversation, Tony reveals the importance of looking at your business through the eyes of your customers and looking for those extra ways of ensuring that you provide a great customer experience.

Building Business Success -101 Business Radio – Tony interviews Michael Worthington

Tony acts as the interviewer in this radio interview and prompts Michael to reveal some of the secrets of success that he has learned on his amazing business journey that has brought him to the world of radio.