What We do and Why

Imagine having the lifestyle you’ve always wanted…

Coach Tony Inman can help you create the work life balance that you want

Places to go…

We can help you manage your time…

Club Red can help you spend more time with loved ones

People to see…

…so you can be with loved ones…

Club Red can help you have more time for the things you'd like to do

Things to do…

…made possible by being more effective.

Imagine having a business or a job that you run the way you want it, rather than it running you.

Imagine having more choices about why you do what you do, when and for whom.


We Can Help You Create A Business and a Lifestyle on Your Terms

Club Red Inspiration is about improving people’s businesses and ultimately about improving people’s lives by giving them knowledge, skills and strategies that work and by holding them accountable to implement the required changes.

“I’ve had to re-invent my life many times for many different reasons and I know how hard it can sometimes be to make those changes. That’s why I, Tony Inman, have become ‘The Change Catalyst’ – to help you conquer whatever is holding you back from the life that you want.”

Tony Inman of Club Red Inspiration is a business trainer, coach, consultant and author from Perth, Western Australia who can help you get the results you want

Tony Inman is ‘The Change Catalyst’ and can help you define and achieve your goals

Imagine if YOU could do the following:

  • Achieve clarity about your dreams and your goals and how you can break those down into manageable chunks (see our tailored business solutions)
  • Position and package yourself and/or your business to achieve those dreams and goals
  • Enjoy better relationships, less stress and better health
  • Become the kind of person you always wanted to be
  • Pursue a life of destiny with success and fulfilment
Club Red can help YOU solve your business problems

Real business solutions

How Do We Do HELP YOU DO That?

We can guide you through the whole process or we can do it for you with tailored business solutions.

“With over 35 years of managerial experience and having set up over twenty businesses, I’ve learned many lessons about how to do things as well as how not to do things in business.

I’ve personally mentored and coached hundreds of business owners and thousands of staff to push through barriers and achieve personal and professional growth. I’ve been a mentor at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and I’m the author of ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’. I’ve personally invested a small fortune in personal and professional development courses to improve the service I can offer my clients.

(See what some of them say on our testimonials page and case studies page. See the types of clients we have worked with on our clients page.)”



The Inman System can help you achieve your business goals“My Inman System can help you achieve your business goals. Unlike many other business coaches nowadays, as the Founder of Club Red Inspiration Founder, based in Perth, I’m an entrepreneur myself who HAS run my own businesses and DOES know the ups and downs and daily pressures and stresses that this life sometimes entails.”

To help YOU transform your business and your life, Club Red Inspiration uses my own unique transformational blueprint: ‘The Inman System’. For more information about my (Tony Inman’s) background click here.


The Club Red Brand’s Own Transformational Background

I’ve practiced what I preach, by constantly evolving, learning new things and challenging myself to live an interesting and diverse lifestyle. Here’s a quick overview of why I have the experience to help you create the business and lifestyle you want.

Club Red Tours

Club Red Tours was an adventure tours and charters business (2000 – 2010)

Club Red Cars

Club Red Cars (DL14378) was a boutique car dealership, servicing workshop and car rentals business (2000-2010)

Founded in 1996 and based initially in the tourism industry, the Club Red organisation has, over the last twenty years, encompassed a variety of businesses, including:

  • A tourist accommodation business with liquor licence and tour sales desk
  • Short-stay holiday apartments
  • Adventure tours and day tours or charters
  • Car rentals firm and car dealership with mechanical workshop
  • Cleaning contractors
  • Towing and car transporting contractors
  • Employment agency
  • Office relocations
  • Events and musical concerts planning


Club Red currently has two active divisions:


Coach Tony Inman believes your business should create the lifestyle you want

Coach Tony Inman believes your business should create the lifestyle you want

For further information about how Tony can help you achieve your business goals, please contact Tony via this website or by calling (Australia) 0419 860 382