Who We Do It For

We generally work with people who want to do one or more of the following things:

Improve & Grow a Business

Improve and grow your business with Club Red coaching

Get Results

We help you assess your present situation, define what you want to achieve and help you make it happen.

This usually means looking at your systems, processes and strategies, then growing your business to the next level with more profit and a better lifestyle for you and your family.

Find the Gaps

Are you serious about changing your situation for the better? If so, call Tony Inman of Club Red Inspiration

Identify skills & knowledge gaps

In business nowadays you have to wear a lot of different hats, so there are bound to be areas of strength and weakness. We can help you learn and implement new skills and knowledge in business leadership and management. We also offer tailored business solutions.

Remove the Obstacles


Coach Tony Inman helps you figure out what's stopping you achieving your goals

Sharpen your mindset

Sometimes we allow our fears or our perceived limitations to get in the way of us achieving our goals. We can help you identify and overcome personal and professional obstacles or life-changing events so you can really shine. We can give you strategies that work.


Club Red can help you start a business effectively

From concepts to reality

Most business start-ups fail – that’s a sad fact, but you can significantly improve your chances of success with business start-up coaching that will vastly improve your strategic vision and plan.

Rescues /Re-invention

A coach like Tony Inman can help you refresh or reinvent your business

Don’t drown – call for help!

We can help you save a business that might otherwise fail. If you know your business is under-performing, but you’re not sure why, what to do to change things, or who to ask for advice, don’t delay – give us a call for a chat.

Prepare for Exit

Club Red can help you prepare your business for sale

Finished work – time to play!

We can help you prepare a business for eventual sale or succession at the best possible price. The added advantage is that a business which is ready for sale is usually better systemised, more effective and more profitable.


Build to Last

A good business is a lasting business

Build to last with good systems and doing things right!

Set up a lasting and manageable business, by developing automated systems with the right strategies, the right people and the right approach, so you can make the business fit the lifestyle you want.

Joint Ventures

You don't have to build your business alone

Collaboration is increasingly prevalent

Explore a joint venture (J.V.) opportunity – you don’t have to do it all alone. These days there are great opportunities for the synergy of working with other businesses and establishing mutual support.

Dealing with Crisis

Club Red can help you clear the fog of uncertainty

Things will get better

Increasingly, these days, people seem to face daunting situations, from partnership break-ups, to redundancy and the possibility of career directional change, to mid-life crisis. It can help immensely to have a sounding board to help you figure out new strategies.


AND if you are:


Meaning – We don’t work with everyone or just anyone. In order for us to be able to help you, there are a few things we need from our prospective clients:

The right clients are willing to take action and step up!

The right clients are willing to take action and step up!

AND if you have:


Meaning – You must be ready, willing and able to change.

If what you know now and what you have done so far has not got you to where you want to be, then you must be willing to consider new ideas and take new actions!

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanA real desire to improve your present situation and a willingness to take action

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanA willingness to be open to new ideas or different ways of doing things

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanA work ethic – we will hold you accountable to do what you say you are going to do

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanThe courage to confront your ‘gaps’ – the shortfall in skills, knowledge or success traits

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanA commitment to invest your time and money in your progress (and yes, that includes investing in us as coaches / mentors /trainers to guide you on your journey)

It's too draining to drag people to success!

It’s too draining to drag people to success!


It’s fair to say that if you can’t agree to those points above, then we can’t really work together at the moment. We cannot ‘drag’ people to success!




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Stay in the information loop!


If it’s just a matter of timing though, or short-term cash flow, then follow our posts, our blog and our newsletters, attend our seminars or workshops or give us a call. It may not be a ‘No’, it might just be a ‘Not Yet’. We understand that situations and people’s needs change continuously.



However, if you ARE ready to take action…



Contact Tony for a FREE chat, either using the website enquiry form or by telephoning on (Australia)  mob. 0419 860 382.

Tony Inman offers prospective clients a Discovery SessionOur initial conversation is both free and obligation free. If we both wish to go further we will set up a ‘Discovery Session’  which is a face-to-face or live video chat (depending on your location). That is generally about one hour, which should enable us both to decide if we are a good fit for each other.
The Discovery Session is free if we go ahead or $165 (incl. GST) if you then decide not to go any further. This helps us deter time-wasters – people who are not serious about making changes, unlike you.

 If we do go ahead and work together, we waive that fee and the session is free.

We agree on our coaching or mentoring fees during the Discovery Session, which are negotiable and we follow this up with a written agreement to keep it business-like and to establish our ground rules.


We look forward to hearing from you – Contact Tony for a FREE chat, either using the website enquiry form or by telephoning on (Australia) mob. 0419 860 382.