Business Solutions

In today’s business world, you have to wear many different hats and become quickly adept at many new things. Many people find this quite daunting and realise that they may need some guidance or support in some areas. That’s why I’ve broken down the whole process of running a business into manageable chunks called business solutions.

Many of these people engage a coach or mentor like me to help them find and fill the gaps in skills and knowledge, but not everyone feels ready to hire a coach for an extended period. They sometimes prefer to seek advice specifically in the areas where they know they could use a helping hand.

That’s why in the list below you’ll find a menu of ‘bite-sized’ chunks, so you can select the areas that matter most to you and I can help mentor you in each of these crucial components of your business success story as you learn to ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ and master each of these business solutions.

In order to add extra service, if you simply do not have the time or the patience to do it yourself, I can also provide most of these offerings as  ‘DONE FOR YOU’ business solutions.

Remember always that the overall objective is to assist you to become more effective and productive so that you lead a happier and more fulfilling life. If you need more information about life coaching or work/life balance, you could click on these words and check out my other website that is slightly less business-focused and more lifestyle-focused.


As a management consultant or business consultant, Tony Inman can help your business grow to the next level

Strategic Business Plan

If you don’t have a written business plan, or it’s been some time since you looked at yours, it may be time for an update. We can write one for you and with you. This will give you clarity and direction, plus it would be a great help if you need any additional funding. The process of creating your plan will also highlight the need for other business solutions. [Continue reading].

Coach Tony Inman can help develop your marketing plan

Marketing Plan

We can develop a written marketing plan that gives you clarity and a cohesive approach to all of your marketing efforts. This will encompass every marketing strategy, both online and offline, and it  will also help you with your budgeting and succession planning. [Continue reading]

Club Red can help you re-brand your business

Business Makeover / Rebrand

The only constant in business is ‘change’ and if you’re not moving forwards, you may well be slipping backwards! We can help redefine your brand and give it a refresh or business makeover. [Continue reading]

Coach Tony Inman can develop a sales system for your business

Sales System

Are you leaving money on the table when you deal with your customers? A clearly-defined sales system can help you become aware of, and maximise, your sales opportunities. [Continue reading]

Are you overwhelmed by social media? If so, Club Red can help you.

Social Media

Are you feeling overwhelmed, trying to keep up with social media? If so, we can help develop an online strategy and even implement it for you. [Continue reading]

Are you remembering to develop a personal brand behind your business brand? If not, Club Red can help you.

Personal Branding

Are you remembering to develop a personal brand behind your business brand? This may form part of your exit strategy, but it’s also really useful to create a persona that claims your expertise. [Continue reading]

Club Red can help you develop leadership qualities

Leadership Development

When you’re the leader, it’s very important to keep working on your personal development and to keep sharpening your leadership skills. We can help you assess the areas where you may need to focus on improving the most, or help you identify skills and knowledge gaps to improve your effectiveness. [Continue reading]

Coach Tony Inman can help you find and develop the right people for the right positions

Succession Planning

Most business owners say that one of their biggest challenges is finding and keeping good staff. We can help you define the ideal people to fit in your team, develop job descriptions and plan for your business growth, whilst developing people to achieve their potential and improve morale and retention. [Continue reading]

Let Club Red tell your story

Your Story on Video

Customers like stories because people are naturally curious. We can help you develop and tell your business story in a way that will attract and retain customers. Video is the fastest growing medium for reaching your target audience. [Continue reading]

Club Red can help you define and tell your story

Your Story – Written

Writing is one of the things business owners tell us they don’t have the time or often the skills to do effectively. That includes everything from copy-writing to report-writing to social media / blogging and even media releases. We can help you with all of that, or even help you write a book. [Continue reading]

Club Red can help you design training programmes and help you deliver them

Team Training and Development

We can help you design training programmes for your team and help you deliver them. We can also coach you in how to be a better presenter.[Continue reading]

Club Red can design business solutions for your needs

But Wait, There’s More…

Yes that’s a corny sales line, but it happens to be true. Whatever problems are holding you back from achieving your business and personal goals, the chances are that we can help you find a solution. We can also tailor a solution specifically for you, so you have nothing to lose by catching up for a chat. Call us today on the number below so we can see how we can help or contact us via this website.

Done with you or done for you…

Let’s get together to see what’s best for you…