Leadership Development

Club Red can help you develop leadership qualitiesHave You Become the Leader You Need to Be, to Achieve Your Business Goals?

When you’re the leader, it’s very important to keep working on your personal development and to keep sharpening your leadership skills. We can help you assess the areas where you may need to focus on improving the most, or help you identify skills and knowledge gaps to improve your effectiveness.

Here’s what we do to help you become the leader of your business and in your field…

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanPreliminary phone chat (15 to 30 mins together)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanDiscovery Session (average 60 to 90 mins together) – includes completing a ‘Club Red Personal Values Exercise’

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanBrainstorming session  on how and why you wish to be perceived (your team are also welcome to sit in and contribute – average 90 to 120 mins together)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanWriting up of your Leadership Development Plan (our time only)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanPresentation of your Leadership Development Plan document and discussion about findings and action to be taken (30 to 90 mins)

Here is a special offer from Club RedRecommended Retail Price $880.00 (incl. GST)

Spring Special Offer only $299.00* (Incl. GST)

Follow up coaching to help you implement this new leadership development plan is also available, with the fee depending on the extent and duration of the improvements and/or training required.

If you’d like to claim your expert status, please contact us for more details or call Tony on 0419 860 382.