Marketing Plan

Fully understanding and documenting your business offerings

Marketing has many components and Club Red can help you with your marketing plan

Marketing has many components

Marketing is one of the most crucial elements of business success. If you don’t have the right products and services for the right customers, your business will struggle very quickly.

We can develop a written marketing plan that gives you clarity and a cohesive approach to all of your marketing efforts. This will also help you with your budgeting and succession planning.

  • Initial telephone conversation 
  • Marketing Discovery Session 
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats – usually done in our session)
  • Understanding your ideal customer profile (Your Target Market)
  • Understanding what those people need and want, and why.
  • Knowing what they want to hear – what problems you can solve for them. (Your Message)
  • Knowing where those people ‘hang out’ and how you can reach them. (Your Media)
  • Development of your marketing plan to market your existing products and services – including offline strategies (E.g. promotions; leaflets; TV, radio or magazines) and online strategies (E.g. website, YouTube, Facebook, Linked In etc)
  • Having clarity about your unique sales proposition (USP) or point of difference from your competitors (POD)
  • Identification of marketing systems and promotional initiatives and skill requirements, plus skills and knowledge gaps
  • Writing your strategic marketing plan 
  • Presenting and discussing it with you to highlight specific action required

Your Investment as a Stand-alone Product – Written Marketing Plan

Say yes to Coach Tony Inman

Having the right marketing plan can make a massive difference to your results

Having the right marketing plan can make a massive difference to your results

Preliminary phone chat (15 to 30 mins together)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanDiscovery Session (average 60 to 90 mins together) – includes completing a SWOT Analysis and questionnaire

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanData analysis and plan preparation (our time only)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanMarketing Plan presentation and discussion of recommendations (average 90 mins together)


Here is a special offer from Club Red

Recommended Retail Price $825.00 (incl. GST)

Winter Special Offer only $299.00* (Incl. GST)

Order now by messaging Tony on 0419 860 382, or by contacting via this website.

* NB. This is a limited special offer. Club Red reserves the right to withdraw this offer if we are too busy to fulfill all of the requests.


We also have many ‘done for you’ marketing solutions, if you find some of these marketing media technically challenging or too time consuming.

We can help you with:

  • In today's fast-paced world Club Red can give you an effective online presence

    In today’s fast-paced world you need an effective online presence

    Designing advertising.

  • Blogging
  • Setting up your Linked In profile and training in how to generate leads from it
  • Setting up your Facebook business page with optional ongoing maintenance
  • Setting up your Twitter profile
  • Setting up your Pinterest profile
  • Setting up your Google Plus profile
  • Setting up your You Tube channel, including creating marketing videos
  • Setting up your Instagram profile
  • Setting up your Tumblr profile
  • Developing PowerPoint presentations
  • Let us help you with the marketing challenge!

    Let us help you with the marketing challenge!

    Coaching you on presentation techniques

  • Coaching you on how to network effectively
  • Re-branding your business
  • Developing a personal brand to go along with your business brand
  • Writing an E-Book
  • Writing a book
  • Many other tailored business solutions

Simply contact us on the number below or via this website to discuss your needs.