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It’s increasingly likely that that at some point you WILL suffer from setbacks, challenges or pressure in your venture and you’ll feel in need of a business rescue by someone from somewhere. How you deal with these pressures is the true test of your character and your commitment to your dreams.

History tells us that the vast majority of small businesses fail in the first two to five years. If things feel like they are heading that way for you, the pressure, stress and sense of overwhelm can be immense.

I know from experience how bad it feels when everything seems to be closing in on you, but I also learned the benefits of focusing on solutions instead of problems. Having an experienced sounding board can be a massive relief when you feel all alone and under pressure.

Are you feeling like things are going wrong in your business? Call Coach Tony Inman today about a business rescue

Are you feeling the squeeze? Call today for a business rescue!


With over 35 years of managerial experience, including twenty years running my own businesses, I have enjoyed the delights of success and also felt the bitter taste of failed business ideas. I have learned from both ends of the spectrum, but one thing I never did was to give up.

I have turned many businesses around and frankly every time it starts with a shift in the mindset of the business owner. I help you reignite your dreams, remember why you started in the first place and what you want to achieve. (See testimonials)

We then take a good, honest look at the true state of your business and together, we identify solutions and opportunities. I then help you develop strategies and keep you accountable to make sure they are implemented so that we not only achieve a business rescue, but we help you grow your business again.




There is a thin line between success and failure so I can’t always guarantee success – sometimes the business just has too many hurdles to jump; sometimes the owner is too burnt out to keep fighting and a business rescue may simply be too late. What I can say is that I have helped many people to turn things around. If you are willing to put in the effort and willing to take advice, sometimes with tough love, then I am willing to help.

I work with you to help you turn things around. This might take twelve months, or there might be some very quick immediate changes that can bring big results.

Many of my clients continue beyond that period because they experience the value in having a sounding board – an experienced business advisor who is on your side.

Is this for you? I don’t know yet. I don’t work with everyone – I only work with clients who are serious about making changes.

There can be a fine line between success and failure. Coach Tony Inman may be able to help you.


A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) asked by people seeking a business rescue: “Yes that sounds great, but I’m struggling already, so how can I afford a coach?”

My Answer: “What will happen if you don’t change what you’re doing? Can you afford not to seek help and new ideas?

However, don’t worry about that right now. We can usually work out a manageable payment plan – you’d be surprised.”

It’s very often the case that the people who are most in need of a business rescue, think that they can’t afford any help, so they carry on going broke!

Turning your situation around begins with a simple decision – the decision to seek help.

You can keep trying to rescue yourself or you can grab the hand of an experienced coach & mentor

You can keep trying to rescue yourself or you can grab the hand of an experienced coach & mentor

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Here’s what one of my former clients, Kel Shipton SAID ABOUT HIS BUSINESS RESCUE…

Kel Shipton gave a testimonial for coach Tony Inman

Kel Shipton

“Tony Inman is a guy I came across when my business had fallen apart and my private life was in tatters. Fortunately enough a friend put me in touch with Tony and it proved to be a Godsend. The foresight that the guy gave me enabled me to push through with what I was doing. The fact that I’d got somebody there that had been through it all, that had walked the same path, made a big difference and actually gave me the confidence to be able to push on, which I’ve done.

It was like having an angel on my shoulder. So thank you Tony. Thanks for all your help. I’ll be dealing with you again one day in the future. Cheers mate.”

Kel Shipton – Franchise Owner, The Happy Herb Shop, Midland WA