Life Coaching

So what is Life Coaching? Well start by asking yourself a couple of quick questions…

Are you the person you want to be?

Are you doing all of the things you’d like to do?

Do you have the things that you really want – whether they be material or personal?


If the answer to any of those is “No”, then maybe we can help you.


Tony Inman and his associates at Club Red Inspiration can show you how to set achievable goals

Do you have clear goals that will give your life purpose and drive you to succeed?


We can help you think more effectively!

Are you ever guilty of ‘stinking thinking’? Do you suffer from doubts or a lack of confidence in your unique abilities?

Changing the way you see the world and how you fit into it can change your motivation level and your results.


So why would you use a coach?

Even the highest achievers in our world use coaches, from top sports professionals to movie stars.

Does that make the tennis coach a better player than the winner of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament? No, not necessarily, but a coach can:

  • see the little things that may be holding you back
  • help you discover the star who is inside of you
  • help you set specific goals
  • make you accountable
  • encourage you or kick your butt (figuratively!)


Coaches can help you piece things together for your ultimate success

A coach can help you see through the fog of uncertainty and add the missing pieces to your success jigsaw.

A coach can help guide you to your destiny – act now!


So, suppose I might be interested in some coaching, what’s the next step?

That’s easy – just fill out the form on this site with your contact details and Tony, or one of his team, will get back to you.

We can set up a ‘no obligation’ chat. If we both agree that coaching could help you to fulfill your destiny, then we’ll work out a plan that suits us both.


Your success and happiness is our goal.

Please supply your details in confidence here.


You’ll be safe in the hands of Club Red CEO, entrepreneur, author and Certified Master Coach, Tony Inman

Act now – today is the first day of the rest of your life – contact Tony for more information.

There’s no obligation – so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Still a little unsure? That’s fine. Change takes courage!


So let’s go ahead – just fill in the form here please and your free success report will be on its way. (Your details are kept completely secure – see our Privacy Policy) (link to Privacy Policy page)

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