Business mentoring is a highly effective way of leveraging your skills and knowledge by seeking the advice of an experienced business person. In my case, I bring you…

  • Over 35 years of managerial experience
  • Over 20 years of running over 20 of my own businesses (for a while I was running five at once!).
  • I’ve even been a registered mentor at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship in Perth Western Australia.

Mentoring in general life has been around in Europe since at least the days of the Ancient Greeks and it enables and empowers you to succeed. (Wikipedia Definition)

Using my ‘Inman System’, I have been able to successfully mentor many clients in helping them set up their businesses so that it creates the lifestyle they want.

When I work with clients, I generally combine coaching, consulting, training and mentoring to help you get the results you really want, but what is the difference between them and how can they help you?

Use other people's experience. Hire Coach Tony Inman for your business mentoring.

An experienced mentor can help you move forwards

Business Coaching / Life Coaching

  • Clarity – I ask you more questions – we get ourselves stuck in a certain way of thinking about things, based on our beliefs and assumptions. The questions challenge you to view problems from a different perspective with greater clarity and thus you are able to explore different solutions that you might not have reached on your own.
  • Motivation – I ask to uncover why or how you do things, or…
  • Problem-solving – I may have observed an area for improvement and can guide you to discover a solution for yourself.
  • Strategies – we develop them together
  • Accountability – I encourage, cajole or nag you to follow through and do what you know you need to do
  • Trust – you know I always have your best interests at heart
  • Performance – Coaching will sharpen your awareness and your skills

All of the world’s political leaders have coaches; top sports people have coaches; and even Captains of industry will tell you that they didn’t achieve what they did on their own.




Business Consulting

  • Specific projects – tends to focus on particular business solutions
  • Research and reporting – may involve staff surveys or interviews to uncover flaws in business culture awareness and development
  • Often more measureable – generally has pre-defined objectives, outcomes and time-frames
  • Management consulting / business advisory examples – develop a sales & marketing process; document values, purpose, vision and mission statements;develop staff succession plans; review systems & processes and report back with recommendations

As a management consultant or business consultant, Tony Inman's mentoring can help your business grow to the next level

With experienced mentoring you can be held accountable to follow through on making your plans happen


  • Skills and knowledge gaps – addresses specifics
  • Group or one on one – for you and/or your people
  • Tailor-made – as a qualified trainer and assessor, I can also design, deliver and assess people with varied cultural, language and numeracy skills

Engage this man for your mentoring needs - Tony Inman of Club Red Inspiration is a business trainer, coach, consultant and author from Perth, Western Australia who can help you get the results you want

Mentoring can be done in a group situation or with 1-on-1 sessions

Mentoring Summary – Why hire me?

  • Leverage –  You build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses by drawing on my experience and guidance.
  • Strategies that work – I help you develop winning strategies and I hold you accountable to take action to implement the necessary changes so that you can achieve your objectives.
  • A holistic approach – we usually develop an action plan that focuses on key areas according to priorities. This often lead to rapid results, but is consolidated with a longer, steadier, progressive approach across all areas.
  • Flexible engagement terms – I often work with clients for as much as twelve months to effect significant and lasting changes, though this often extends once they see the benefits of using ‘other people’s experience’ (what we call O.P.E.). This may be more of a retainer type arrangement, involving less frequent meetings at a reduced rate, but still keeping you on track.
  • Tailored to your needs either with our team helping you, or in some cases ‘doing it for you’.
  • Tax-deductible – my fees are fully tax-effective and in some cases, may be eligible for a Government Training Grant.

Tony Inman - mindset coach and specialist in mentoring in Perth and Kalamunda

Mentoring is a great way of learning from someone with experience

If you would like to know more about how I can help you, why not contact me via this website for a chat, or by calling me on (Australia) 0419 860 382. It will only cost you a cup of coffee if we don’t go ahead. The coffee’s on me if we do!

Just a word to the wise though – I don’t work with everyone. I’m only interested in working with people who are serious about wanting to make changes and who want to grow personally and/or grow their business.

If that’s you, then let’s get together and discover if it’s a match.

What Kym said about engaging Tony as a mentor…


Kym Chomley gives coach Tony Inman a testimonial

Kym Chomley – Director and Accountant

“I approached Tony to provide me with business and life coaching as I was going through a major career transition at the time. He has been excellent at keeping me on task and focused on my goals throughout this process.

Tony is highly organised, solutions-oriented and has been an excellent mentor.

While working together he has kept me looking at the bigger picture, actively reviews my progress and is able to use his considerable skills to assist in changing my paradigm concerning perceived obstacles. My personal growth during this time has been extensive and he continues to assist me with ongoing business issues.

I would recommend Tony’s coaching services to anyone who wants to grow either their business or themselves – great results, good value.”

Kym Chomley – Former Accounting Partner, Holmans Accountants, Sunshine Coast QLD

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