Redundancy Coaching

Here’s a true redundancy story…

Imagine that you’ve been with an organisation for 22 years – you’ve stuck with them through thick and thin. You’ve seen bosses come and go. You’ve stayed back late or gone in on your day off more times than you care to remember, because you cared so deeply about your job and your conscientious nature meant that you just had to help get the work completed, even at your own expense.

Then one Monday morning, the boss calls you into the Human Resources office to tell you that your services are no longer required and you may as well just go home. Oh and by the way, even though the company’s precedent was to give you two weeks’ pay for every year of service (i.e. 44 weeks’ pay), the rules have now changed and they are only going to give you twelve weeks’ pay. The fact that you had accrued over 26 weeks’ sick leave is merely a moot point. You’re now in your fifties and despite your wealth of experience, most other companies would now rather employ younger people.

That’s exactly what happened to my sister…

Redundancy may lead to new beginnings. Call Tony Inman today for help.

One of her colleagues was on her lunch break when they were handing out the redundancy notices that day. That lady had been working there for over thirteen years, yet she found the news of her termination on her desk when she returned from her lunch. More than a dozen people were laid off that fateful day in that particular Perth-based bastion of commerce.

You can imagine the emotional impact on my sister and her friends – one day your mind is filled with all of those work-related matters you are focusing on completing; you feel valued; you are part of an organisation; you have work colleagues who care about you; then, out of the blue, the next day, feeling the ignomy of retrenchment, you have been tossed away like a used chamois on a car lot.

Redundancy could be an opportunity to change direction

Redundancy or the end of an employment contract is an issue that is increasingly affecting more Australians today owing to changing market forces, especially in the resources and industrial sectors. Job losses are a daily occurrence.

  • Shocked – For many Aussies this situation may be completely unexpected and it can cause quite a shock. Some may feel unwanted, rejected or worthless and in the worst cases it can trigger an identity crisis or even a mid-life crisis.
  • Unprepared – In many instances people have been living ‘up to’ a high income and perhaps even holding a senior position of authority. Their expenses are geared up to that salary and they might not even have had a contingency plan for being ‘given the flick’.
  • Unwanted – They may have been really good at that job, but what if there’s no similar work in that field, and certainly not for those wages?
  • Lost – When they looked in the mirror yesterday, they were a respected and well-paid executive. Today they may see an unemployed and unwanted, ‘lost soul’.

Does any of that sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. ENTER, REDUNDANCY COACHING!

Deposed from your leadership role? Call Tony Inman for help.

The good news is that you CAN start over…

You can re-invent yourself and explore a myriad of new opportunities. Remember that reality is only our perspective – you can CHOOSE to look at things differently, though sometimes you may need some help to do that at first.

You might choose to start a new career in a new direction, or you might even choose to start a new business.

It will cost you nothing to have a chat with an experienced business, life and mindset coach who can help you explore the new possibilities and give you some coping strategies to deal with your emotions.

You can wallow, or let defeat overtake you, or you can choose to bounce back…

Coach Tony Inman can help you move from despair to hope



That’s where I can help you. Not only am I a certified and experienced coach, but I’m also a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming or Patterning (NLP), which means I can help you with some of the mindset issues that you will undoubtedly find yourself facing after such an unexpected, enforced change of direction. I have successfully worked with many clients who have felt overwhelmed or emotionally crushed because of external circumstances beyond their control.

Not only that, I have personally ‘re-invented’ myself on many occasions, after many different types of setbacks, so I understand what it takes and I can help you develop some new insights to turn this apparent setback into a golden opportunity for you to enjoy new experiences.

Tony Inman can show you how to turn a redundancy into an opportunity

Call today on the number below and leave me a message, or fill in the website enquiry form for an absolutely free, no obligation chat about our redundancy coaching services and how you can change your life in a positive and empowering way.

Let’s help YOU to find a new direction…

Here’s what one of my clients, Kym Chomley had to say about her experience of working with Tony Inman…

Kym Chomley gives coach Tony Inman a testimonial

Kym Chomley

“I approached Tony to provide me with business and life coaching as I was going through a major career transition at the time.

Tony has been excellent at keeping me on task and focused on my goals throughout this process.

He is highly organised, solutions-oriented and has been an excellent mentor.

While working together he has kept me looking at the bigger picture, actively reviews my progress and is able to use his considerable skills to assist in changing my paradigm concerning perceived obstacles. My personal growth during this time has been extensive and he continues to assist me with ongoing business issues.

I would recommend Tony’s coaching services to anyone who wants to grow either their business or themselves – great results, good value.”

Kym Chomley – Former Accounting Partner, Holmans Accountants, Sunshine Coast QLD