Work Life Balance Coaching

What do we mean by Work/Life Balance Coaching?

  • Do you ever think to yourself that maybe your life consists of…too much work and not enough play?
  • How would you like to take more vacations, knowing that you have the right people, systems and strategies in place for your business to continue earning you profits even whilst you’re not there?
  • Do you live to work, or do you work to live?

Too much work and not enough play? Call Club Red Inspiration today!

Define and create the life you want!



  • Do you ever just feel like screaming and running away from it all?
  • If you haven’t felt that way, have you noticed any of your friends or associates who do?
  • Do you ever catch yourself getting angry about something that you later on realise was probably not worth getting angry about?

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, it is all too easy to become so focused on the day to day ‘problems’ that we forget just how lucky we are to be alive and to be healthy.

Do you feel stressed or burnt out? If so, call Club Red Inspiration for help.

Some Key Questions on Your Work/Life Balance

  • Do you dream of escaping and just chillaxing?
  • Do you do that often enough for your liking?
  • Do you work too hard for not enough reward?
  • Do you have enough time to maintain your friendships and enough quality time with family and loved ones?
  • Do you set aside time just for YOU? (Do you have time and space to think and reflect?)

Do you have enough YOU time?

Do you worry that your business couldn’t possibly cope without you?

  • Do you fear change or loss of control, or think that no-one else could possibly do it as well as you?
  • Have you planned your next holiday – even a long weekend if that’s all you can afford right now?

If you have recognised yourself in any of the questions above, then don’t worry!


Can your business run without you?

GREAT NEWS – There is a solution!

You CAN change in a positive and empowering way!

You can put things in place so you don’t suddenly wake up one day and find that ten years have passed you by!

Sometimes we can get so bogged down in the day to day stuff that it is hard to see how we could make things easier or better for ourselves.

That is one of the advantages of having a coach, consultant or mentor like me!


Tony Inman believes in balance

a few of THE MANY Reasons Why Using a Coach Like Me, Tony Inman Makes Good Sense…


Say yes to Coach Tony InmanI can ask you the tough questions that you may know you should ask, but instead you shy away from.

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanI can help you sift through the fog and give you clarity about a situation or a problem, even about an opportunity!

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanI can help you make decisions and develop realistic strategies, one step at a time.

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanI can help you remove any limiting beliefs and empower you to believe in your own abilities.

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanI can help keep you accountable to follow through and take the action necessary to effect the changes you desire.

Say yes to Coach Tony Inman

I’ve also written a book on this topic, entitled ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’.





As Club Red Inspiration’s CEO, entrepreneur, author and Certified Master Coach, I Tony Inman have many years of business experience in many different types of business. I have also mentored, coached and consulted to hundreds of business owners and literally thousands of staff.

My focus is and has been on helping people to improve their life, on developing businesses whilst remembering to simultaneously set personal life goals and live life to the full.

If you want to put the missing pieces of your work/life balance jigsaw in place so that you really can “live the successful and rewarding life that you desire”, then let’s catch up for a chat.


Tony Inman is a published self-help author

Sounds great! How do I find out more?

Call me, Tony Inman, or leave a message on the number below, now to set up an absolutely free, no obligation chat about how you can improve the balance in your life, or use the website contact form.


David Price gives a testimonial for coach Tony Inman

David Price

“I felt like my business had become routine and was too dependent on me grinding away day after day.

Tony recently helped me to re-evaluate my goals and direction and together we developed a plan whereby I could build the business, hire and develop new, competent staff and review our systems. I am hoping this will free me up to have more time with my family both here in Australia and overseas. I guess only time will tell.

Tony helped me interview prospective candidates and gave me advice on our business proposition. We are now re-branding our business and I am re-enthused.

 Tony genuinely believes in the people he helps. His business nous is invaluable.

I am happy to recommend Tony’s services to small business owners who seek the benefit of an experienced consultant to give them a fresh perspective.”

David Price – Managing Director, Price Advertising and Consulting, Subiaco, WA