2 Minute Coaching Videos

Just another business coach? My clients certainly don’t see me that way because that’s such a mainstream pigeon-hole and it’s just not me! As a Business, Life and Mindset Strategist, Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Presenter, Facilitator and Author, I’m always looking for new ways of inspiring people and adding value to my clients in a way that will:

  • spark your imagination;
  • make you think;
  • help you set new goals;
  • build your confidence;
  • overcome your fears and
  • burst out of your comfort zones to create a better business – one that will last and a better life – one that is memorable.

I’m also conscious though that in today’s fast-paced world, people are busier, thus making concentration spans sometimes shorter than we’d wish for!That’s why I came up with the idea of creating some two minute coaching videos. [Scroll down to jump straight to the videos!]

If you need a business coach to help you grow your business, call Tony Inman

If you want different results to what you’re getting now, you need to think differently and do some things differently.


It means that if you’re one of my existing clients, you can have access to some thoughts, ideas and recommendations from this quirky business coach on a variety of topics any time you want, no matter what else I might be doing.

It also means that if you’re a prospective client or even an unsuspecting worldwide web surfer, you can drop in and get a feel of who I am, what I stand for and the way I think and communicate. If you like what you see and hear, you’re welcome to join our tribe, which means more contacts and more possible connections for my existing clients. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that you can’t do everything alone – we all need help along our journeys!

Tony Inman Coaching for Business, Mindset & Life

Tony Inman Coaching for Business, Mindset & Work/Life Balance Improvement


My disclaimer is to ask you to please realise that in a mere two(ish) minutes, I’m only scratching the surface of these topics, but the good news is that I also write books, deliver seminars and run workshops, so there are plenty of opportunities to engage in more interactions with this particular business coach, lifestyle strategist or whatever label you which to assign to me! You’ll also see that these are not perfect studio recordings, nor are they scripted, so whatever comes out of my brain is what you get, ‘warts and all’. I may stumble, mumble, lose my train of thought or you may even think I’m just plain wrong. It’s all okay – we don’t live in a perfect world!


I urge you to take from it whatever is useful to you. It’s the way I look at all learning, be it from a seminar, a DVD, a book or a podcast – If you get one good idea that you can implement in your business or life that inspires you or improves your situation in some way, then I’ll be delighted and I hope you will be too. If that happens for you, please share your epiphanies with us for the greater good.

So, please feel free to like the videos on YouTube or Facebook, to help me share them with anyone you know who might benefit from them, and leave your comments or extra wisdom because we all benefit from the synergy of the discussions. I’d also love to hear any requests for videos on specific topics that you think might help people.

Introduction to Tony’s 2 Minute Coaching





                         Exit Strategy

                      Making a Profit

             The Value of Networking

                    Ethics in Business


A Leap of Faith

Please remember to check back regularly as there will be more to follow…