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My recommended books are a key to success says business and life strategist, Tony Inman

Personal development is a key to success

Recommended Books – Why?

Club Red CEO and Coach Tony Inman says, “These are books that are in my personal library, that’s why I can call them recommended books!”

(I have a small confession – there are a couple here that I have not yet made time to read, but I promise, I will 🙂

Q. Did you know that it’s been reported that the average Australian reads about one book per year after they leave school – and usually it’s a fictional book?!!

  • So if you were to read one book per month, that would, in theory, make you twelve times smarter!
  • Another point – when someone writes a book, they are recording things it has taken them years, maybe even decades to learn. So you are receiving concentrated learning in a couple of hours. That’s being smart now isn’t it?
  • What’s even smarter is to leverage off someone else’s time – that’s why I’ve done the hard yards – so I could make YOU a ‘Recommended Books’ list.

Remember, “All leaders are readers!”

Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones said, “You’ll be the same person in 5 years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read”. (I’d just add a third thing – the seminars you attend).


As a business and lifestyle coach, consultant, strategist and mentor, it’s important to me to spread the word that many of the world’s problems today could be caused by improving people’s education. Thus I have started in the area where I work, helping business owners and executives to reach, and stay at, the cutting edge via personal development thanks to my ‘Recommended Books’ list, my own personally-authored books and my presenting and facilitating work. For more of my thoughts on that, seeTony’s Why‘.

So, without further ado, I have listed the books for you under the following categories:

Top business books and books about Leadership and Management are recommended here by Coach Tony Inman

Self-help books - a recommended reading list by Life Coach Tony Inman

Biographies & Auto-Biographies worth reading by Tony Inman

Top Books about Money and Wealth by Tony Inman

Businessman and Author Tony Inman recommends some classic books to read

Author Tony Inman's books

Page 1 – Business & Management & Leadership

Page 2 – Self-Help & Motivational; Mindset, NLP & Programming Yourself for Success

Page 3 – Biographies and Auto-biographies

Page 4 – Money and Financial Planning

Page 5 – Other Good Books / Classics