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How to Win the Games of Business & Life by Coach Tony Inman is a free success reportSometimes it can be tough to know what to do next or how to solve a particular problem, but you are only a few computer clicks away from some possibly life-changing information in this free report,entitled ‘How To Win the Games of Business and Life’

This is where a leading Consultant and Coach like Tony Inman can be incredibly helpful – not to just give you the answers to your problems, but to help you realise how you can find the answers, sometimes just by asking the right questions and sometimes by both encouraging you and making you accountable to stick to your plans, to take action and make good things happen.

Sometimes it’s just helpful to understand the questions!

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  • Tony Inman has personally invested over $100,000 on personal development and coaching skills courses. He has read hundreds of books by leading authorities on success principles; he has attended hundreds of seminars and watched  and listened to thousands of hours of DVD’s and Cd’s.
  • If you work with Tony or even just read his books or E-books, you are gaining the distilled knowledge from some of the greatest minds in the world today – people like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, George Faddoul, Nic LeForce, Dr Matt James, Dr Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Dale Beaumont, Dale Carnegie, Jeff Slater and Kane Minkus, plus Dr John Demartini.
  • If, however, you can see the value in this fantastic coaching resource, then you can have a free chat with Club Red CEO, entrepreneur, author and coach, Tony Inman and we can see how we may best be able to assist you.
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Your Free Success Report – ‘How to Win the Games of Business & Life’ – Valued at $25.00, but Yours Absolutely Free Also Includes:

Business Coaching

8 Key Recommendations For A Business Blitz – Established Business – Renovations For Results –

With a host of business experience, Club Red also has access to a whole association of specialised coaches, who can assist in particular fields. That’s one of the reasons why we can offer complete business blitzes, or makeovers, by bringing in a whole support team of helpers if needed.


New Business Coaching

For those people who may be starting out in business, we have a section entitled:


12 Non-negotiables To Kickstart Effectively – New Business Coaching For Success


Life Coaching

If your interest is more in Life Coaching or achieving greater work/life balance, we can also bring in specialists in other areas too. So we’re including in our report this free bonus document entitled:7 Life Lessons That Can Shape Your Destiny – Life Coaching For Fulfillment


Plus, we’ll include a free initial consultation with Coach Tony Inman to see how we may be able to help you, and Free sign up for newsletters with tips and advice on building the life you want for yourself.


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