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If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well (eVersion)





About the book

Have you ever found yourself doubting your own sanity, or wondering if you have been ‘beamed up’ onto some strange planet in a parallel universe?

Our hi-tech, environmentally-polluted, social media-addicted, politically volatile world, full of contradiction, insane political correctness and media manipulation, can lead even the sanest among us to ask these questions.

Tony Inman shares with raw emotion some of his personal story of highs, lows and invaluable lessons learned, both from personal experience in business and life, and from studying our world’s transformational leaders.

This book may just help you discover and achieve your life’s goals whilst maintaining life balance!

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Tony Inman

5 reviews for If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well (eVersion)

  1. Tony Inman


    “Excellent!” – Stan Nelson, Perth WA

  2. Tony Inman


    “Just letting you know I have finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Apart from all the insightful business and personal coaching tips, I also loved learning about your life’s journey. The fact that you melded it all together so seamlessly just made it all the better.
    Normally I would take a few weeks to read a book like this, but not yours. Your “What happened next….I’ll tell you in a minute!” endings kept me reading.
    After finishing your book, it’s easy to understand why you are a successful coach.
    Well done & thanks.”
    Murray Thorpe, Perth WA

  3. Tony Inman


    “I picked up your book in Scarborough when I was over on holiday and I took it back to Brisbane and read it and I really enjoyed it. I think you’d make an excellent mentor for one of my friends, so I’d like to find out more about your coaching!” – Helen Appleyard, Brisbane

  4. Tony Inman


    “I read your book over the weekend and loved it! There were so many references in the book that resonated with me. You have a great life story (so far) which has made for a very inspiring book, well done.” -Tammy George, Tasmania

  5. Tony Inman


    “I have completed reading your book and I am impressed by the sincerity, frankness and honesty of the content. I found your stories full of action, adventure and stepping into the unknown. It seems you truly live ‘in the moment’.” – William Placanica, Perth WA

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