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If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well


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About the book

Have you ever found yourself doubting your own sanity, or wondering if you have been ‘beamed up’ onto some strange planet in a parallel universe?

Our hi-tech, environmentally-polluted, social media-addicted, politically volatile world, full of contradiction, insane political correctness and media manipulation, can lead even the sanest among us to ask these questions.

Tony Inman shares with raw emotion some of his personal story of highs, lows and invaluable lessons learned, both from personal experience in business and life, and from studying our world’s transformational leaders.

This book may just help you discover and achieve your life’s goals whilst maintaining life balance!

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Tony Inman

5 reviews for If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well

  1. bfadmin


    “…this is not just another self-help book or a simple motivational piece. It is an opportunity to go after what is most important to you: your goals, aspirations, dreams and ambitions.”
    Emily Gowor
    Founder of Gowor International Publishing

  2. bfadmin


    “Really good read with inspirational story lines from an extraordinary man, motivator & coach.”
    Rell Hayes
    Business Director

  3. bfadmin


    “This book has changed my life!”
    Les Gittus
    Perth, Western Australia

  4. bfadmin


    “It inspired me to make the decision to retire early and go travelling.”
    Angela Brinsley
    Global traveller

  5. bfadmin


    Highly recommended!
    Suresh Rajan
    CEO, Epilepsy Association of WA

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