Business Health Check

How Do You Really Know if You’ve Thought of Everything?

Coach Tony Inman offers a business health checkConducting a ‘Business Health Check’ is a good way of finding out.

By asking you a series of questions, this will help us to pinpoint areas that you may need to focus on, or perhaps identify where you may have skills and knowledge gaps. As business owners in today’s fast-paced world, we need to wear a lot of different ‘hats’ in our roles as leaders and managers.

As a stand-alone product, you can easily find out quickly and inexpensively using this business health check if there are areas you may have missed from your business planning.

As part of a coaching or mentoring engagement, it becomes an invaluable measurement of progress as we review the work we have done together in a few months’ time.

This Business Health Check also includes some questions that will allow you to reflect on your leadership skills, your attitude and mindset towards success, along with some feedback as to your work/life balance juggling skills.

From conducting this checklist, we can prepare a report for you and outline the areas that need your attention and focus.


A 'Business Health Check' from Club Red can help put you back on track

Report with Analysis

Your Investment in the Business Health Check as a Stand-alone Product

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanPreliminary phone chat (15 to 30 mins together)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanDiscovery Session (average 60 to 90 mins together) – includes completing a checklist

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanData analysis and Business Health Check report preparation (our time only)

Say yes to Coach Tony InmanReport presentation and discussion of recommendations (average 90 mins together)


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