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“During the period that Tony was coaching me through a new management position, my body gave me the biggest warning possible. One day, I suddenly I went really cold and had symptoms of a heart attack.

One of our mates, being on hand, drove me straight to ICU and WOW… all the bells and whistles went off. I lay on the gurney signing the paper for the Doctor to go ahead with extreme life saving measures like stopping the heart, injections of adrenalin and god knows what else. I knew I was as good as dead. Luckily I survived and shortly afterwards, returned to work.

So enter Tony.

He sat me down and gave me a brief talk and ahead we went, with me still working but in a supervisory capacity. I had staff to do the muscle side and Tony gave me advice on how to keep it organised.

He was coaching me as we went along, feeding me the information and advice as required.


What I learned took me forward further than I could have imagined at the time.

Initially, I was not skilled in the running of business or dealing with people in that certain way that you need when working at the coal face.

I became adept at handling difficulties and difficult people, an essential quality when working with the public or supervising staff.


The life skills that Tony employed and his coaching under the most extreme and difficult circumstances put me there (in my dream job in Broome) at the right time and place.

I stayed at the job until my feet and surf board were in demand on another part of the continent, that’s the life I lead, and it is a life to wish for.

Some call it ‘living the dream!’

Take the hint and get with Tony, his skills are solid and the life coaching? Well the facts of my story say it all.

If you’re at breaking point, look for your point break.

George Barr Travelling Manager, NFA Surfing Adventures January 12, 2016

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