Our Team

Tony Inman is a business and life strategist

Tony Inman

Kim Inman is a highly competent executive assistant at the Club Red Group


Joanne Small is a business lecturer



Wise old man, serial business launcher, almost pro-soccer player, globe-trotting ex-backpacker hostel owner, beach volleyball superstar, musician, pilot, shark whisperer, Man United extremist; soon-to-be international best-selling author and a Granddad!


Super-daughter, super-Mum, administration and payroll guru, accounting and systems nerd, movie buff, fisherwoman, vampire specialist, all-round office dab hand and 4WD touring holiday-maker.


Swashbuckling super-daughter; super-Mum and carer,  dolphin specialist; habitual movie chatterbox; non-fattening wine connoisseur; mountaineer; holiday planning specialist; assistant event organiser and unlikely situation friend-gatherer.


“If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you won’t.”


“I was going to watch that movie called Déjà vu, but I think I’ve already seen it!”


“I think I’ve seen this movie – shame he dies at the end!”


  • Club Red Group Founder and Perth-based entrepreneur, Tony is ‘The Change Catalyst’ – When you know something needs to change but you’re not sure what exactly, or how and in which order or who to ask, just ask Tony!
  • Raised as a child slave in his parents’ hotel businesses, he progressed in hotel and retail management in Jersey, before moving to Perth in 1985. Here he has set up and run over 21 businesses, generating millions of dollars. He knows what it takes to build a business from nothing, so you can be sure his experience can help you.
  • Tony has personally coached and mentored hundreds of business owners and managers and thousands of staff to grow and develop, both personally and professionally, so that they now enjoy happier and more fulfilling lives and careers. You can too!


  • Kim is the main reason why Tony and his partner can go off on overseas holidays each year, stepping up comfortably from a family helper into a Deputy CEO role when the need arises.
  • In fact Kim started working with her Dad as a child slave, thus perpetuating the family tradition. Starting as a 16 year old management trainee, Kim gained business qualifications on the job, along with her Approved Manager Liquor Licence.
  • By the tender age of just 19, Kim was running her father’s backpackers hostel, was an Approved Bar Manager and helped out with his hire car and tour businesses as well. Not only that, she successfully gained her Cert IV in Business.
  • Her urge to reproduce took over and upon creating the world’s most handsome grandson, Kim rested in some part-time roles in telemarketing and office administration.


  • Jo assists Tony with event planning; picks his brains about lecturing topics on management; develops, delivers and assesses participants in training programmes and offers a feminine perspective on… actually everything.
  • Jo has an innate ability to network and befriend people and offers tremendous support and information to people around the world whose families are affected by neurological conditions.
  • Her chameleon-like qualities have enabled her to carve out a diverse and interesting career, gaining three Diplomas in different fields and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and she is now doing something she absolutely loves – helping students from all over the world as a part-time business lecturer.
  • Jo is now also a wicken practitioner and loves studying the effects of essential oils and the transformative powers of crystals.


If you want to find the answers to your questions, create a business asset and enjoy more holidays along the way, why not book a coffee with Tony on (Australia) 0419 860 382 and see how he can help you.